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Sanjib Roy

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Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment

The Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment/Systems

The Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment/Systems represents manufacturers of products or assemblies installed for the purpose of safely delivering and managing electrical energy between an electric vehicle and an electrical source. The purpose of the EVSE Section is to support the development of the EVSE market by leading efforts to educate the market on the features and value of the electric vehicle supply equipment infrastructure around the world.

Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment includes the electrical conductors and equipment external to the electric vehicle that provide a connection for an electric vehicle to a power source to provide electric vehicle charging. Products include:
Dedicated Level 1 Supply Equipment
Level 2 and DC Quick Charging (Level 3) Supply Equipment Conductors and connectors specifically designed for use with Electric Vehicle Supply and charging equipment systems that connect the electric vehicle to the Level 2 and
DC Quick Charging (Level 3) Supply Equipment

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Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment


Electric Vehicle Charging Station, Battery Pack Assembly Line Consultant
EVOLT provides nationwide safe, reliable and robust EVSE solutions.

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