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Sanjib Roy

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Electric Vehicles Equipment Supply Companies

List of Electric Vehicles Charger Manufacturers in India

Axiom EV Products Pvt Ltd

E Rickshaw Battery Charger- C2AK480012
Input: 170-300VAC
Output Voltage: 48VDC
Output Current: 12A

E Rickshaw Battery charger – C2AK480015
Input: 170-300VAC
Output Voltage: 48VDC
Output Current: 15A

E-Loader charger – C2AK600012
Input: 170-300VAC
Output Voltage: 60VDC
Output Current: 12A

E- 4 Wheeler Battery charger –B6AK720030
Input: 170-300VAC
Output Voltage: 72VDC
Output Current: 30

ABB (ASEA Brown Boveri)

Cyberex Digital Three-Phase Charger – DC Chargers
Cyberex Digital Single-Phase charger – DC Chargers
Highway and en route fast chargers
Cyberex Digital Single-Phase charger – DC Chargers
ABB EV chargers for Auckland
Cyberex Digital Three Phase Charger Technical data
Cyberex Digital Three-Phase Charger- DC Chargers

Exicom Power Solutions

Exicom has manufactured a multi-standard fast DC charger with a cutting edge which supports both hardware and futuristic software. They manufactured electric vehicle AC and DC Fast chargers with Bharat EV Charger specifications for 2 wheeler, 3 wheeler, passenger cars, and commercial transport.

RRT Electro Powwer (P) LTD

Specification Of Electric Charger
Input 190 to 264V AC, 1Phase, 50Hz
Output 225VDC/2.6A

Delta Electronics India

Delta Group delivers energy-efficient EV charging solutions including AC EV charger, DC quick charger, and Site Management System. Delta’s EV chargers offer high-performance power efficiency up to 94%, support communication functions for system integration and have obtained global safety certifications such as UL, IEC, CHAdeMO, CQC and CNS.


50kw EV Charger - EV Fast Charger 50kw Solar EV Charger - EV Fast Charger

Pulse Charge

Pulse Charge, being proactive in grabbing this opportunity have developed the whole EV charging solution in-house. We have AC chargers with power capacity ranging from 3.3KW to 43KW.

EVfuture focuses on R&D related to electric vehicles.

We are currently developing prototype vehicles of 400W and 800W designed specifically for indian road conditions. We are based near Pondicherry, south India. If you are interested in more information on our products please get in touch with us.


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Electric Vehicles Equipment Supply Companies


Electric Vehicle Charging Station, Battery Pack Assembly Line Consultant
EVOLT provides nationwide safe, reliable and robust EVSE solutions.

Detailed Techno-Economic Feasibility Report

Lithium-ion Battery Module, Pack Assembly
Detailed Techno-Economic Feasibility Report