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Sanjib Roy

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Fabrication Electric Vehicle Charger

Government of India is aggressively trying to awareness about the benefits of electric vehicles in the country through scheme of Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles in India Phase II. In the revolution of electric mobility and its bright future in India, gives birth to another potential business that will manufacturing of Electric Vehicle Charger (Slow as well as Rapid Charging Equipment).

Mainly, electric vehicle chargers come under three main categories – Rapid, Fast & Slow. The types of charger represent the power outputs, which decides charging speeds.
  • Slow Charging Unit: The output power of this type of charger is up to 3 kW, which generally takes 6 to 9 hours for charging of electric vehicle (depends of type of electric vehicle).
  • Fast Charging Unit:The output power of this type of charges ranges between 7 to 25 kW, which generally complete electric vehicle charging in 3 to 4 hours.
  • Rapid Charging Unit: The rapid charging unit comes in two variant that is AC & DC type. Current Rapid AC charging unit are rated at 43 kW, and Rapid DC charging unit are at minimum 50 kW. Both types of charging unit charge electric vehicle in 30-60 minutes.
The main challenge is facing by battery manufacturers is that high power batteries is considerably more complex than that of low power batteries. In 2017, NITI Aayog (Government of India) expresses the need of large lithium-ion battery plants for electric vehicles push in India. In this article, it is not possible to describe complete manufacturing process, as the battery fabrication is quite complex process. :

Upcoming Training

Upcoming Training

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EV Battery pack assembly line

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Hands-on Practical

Considering the current Covid 19 outbreak, we will provide practical class session after becoming normal condition followed by Govt. guidline.

Practical Session will be held at
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