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Features Writer Sanjib Roy

Sanjib Roy

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Techno Commercial Skill for EV Startups

Techno Commercial Skill for EV Startups

The Techno Commercial expert team can able to developed with a pool of talented engineers with strong commercial acumen to institutionalize Value Engineering Concept and state-of-the-art technologies and practices to source strategically. Techno Commercial function ensures having interactions with external stakeholders, vendors in a way to become successful entrepreneurs. At AEVT, the aims is to develop integrated processes leading to transparent working culture and to enhance new startups to increase scalability, speed & quality of transactions.

The automotive industry is set to change hugely with manufacturers developing increasingly fast and efficient electric vehicles with an aesthetic and driving experience that rivals their diesel and petrol equivalents. With this shift towards electric vehicle development require an expanded skill set from engineers and New Entrepreneurs. The new electric vehicle industry need both technology and commercial aspects.

Being a new entrepreneur and engineer in the electric vehicle market we need to acquire technology and commercial segment also. AEVT is striving to bridge this gap by providing high-quality intensive courses for students and professionals, coupled with a uniquely designed training course and mentorship from industry experts for enhanced engagement and higher retention.

This course also explains how electric mobility can work for various businesses, including fleet managers, automobile manufacturers and charging infrastructure providers. After completing this course, you will be able to create e-mobility business models and develop a new strategy for your company which includes transition to or incorporation of e-mobility. :

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Techno Commercial Skill for EV Startups


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